ROM inclinometer

ROM inclinometer is an ergonomic and compact inclinometer for use in various disciplines of physiotherapy for biometric measurement and documentation.

Physiotherapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, clinical massage therapy, rehabilitation services who may require objective measurement of Range of Motion for notes or for general assessment and tracking of progress.  Excellent for CROM measurement, (Cervical Spine range of motion), flexion, extension and rotation, cobb measurements, as well as a variety of other measurement modalities.

Gravity based calibration assures accurate and repeatable measurements. This inclinometer is small enough to slip into your pocket yet has large, easy to read numbering and increments. The smooth, continuous surfaces are easy to keep clean in clinical use. Repeatable accuracy is easily less than +/- 1 degree. Plastic housing available in choice of White, Blue or Black. Measures 4"x4"x5/8".

ROM inclinometer
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